Partnering with center for narative practise

The festival organizers have designated Centrefor Narrative Practice for some of the festival's key events. This location will serve as a hub for a variety of activities that will appeal to a broad range of festival-goers.

One of the highlights of this central location is the opportunity to catch reruns of some of the festival's most popular films and Panel Discussions. This gives attendees a chance to revisit their favorite movies, as well as to catch up on any films they may have missed during the initial screenings.

In addition to the film screenings, the Center for Narrative Practice will also host a number of engaging panel discussions. These discussions will feature experts from various fields who will share their insights and perspectives on topics related to the films and the broader themes of the festival together with film directors.

For children, the central location will offer a diverse range of activities designed to entertain and inspire. From yoga classes to face painting to music workshops, there will be plenty of opportunities for kids to explore their creativity and have fun in a safe and welcoming environment. And, of course, there will be additional film screenings specifically geared towards younger audiences, so that everyone can enjoy the magic of cinema.

Overall, the central location of the festival promises to be a lively and engaging space where attendees can come together to experience the best that the festival has to offer.

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