Jake Bowers

Jake Bowers, United Kingdom


Q&A for his film “Hurjasa/Fly” 18:00, Kino Armata 22 nd of June, Kino Armata


23rd of June - Panel Discussion on theme of “Hunting History”, at Centre for Narrative Practice after a rerun, 14:30


Jake Bowers is a highly experienced Romani journalist, producer, media teacher, and filmmaker,
with over two decades of experience in the media industry. He began his career as a journalist
with Johnston Press and the BBC, before establishing his own successful production company,
the Gypsy Media Company Ltd, in 2007.

The Gypsy Media Company Ltd is a renowned production company owned by Jake Bowers,
known for its exceptional media productions for some of the world's most prominent
broadcasters and media producers. With a focus on amplifying the voices of marginalized
groups in mainstream spaces, the company has gained wide acclaim for its diverse range of
high-impact media productions. These include the 2020 remake of George Michael's iconic
Freedom music video, which championed LGBTQ+ rights, as well as Virgin Music's Alive music
video for Chase and Status, which celebrated Native American culture.

Jake Bowers' impressive track record and unique perspective as a Romani journalist and
filmmaker have made him a sought-after expert in the media industry. His work has been
instrumental in promoting greater visibility and understanding of Romani culture and
communities, while also shining a light on other marginalized groups.

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