Invitation for Press Conference


Invitation for Press Conference

Rolling Film Festival 20-25th June 2023
Venue: Center for Narrative Practice.
Date and Time: 13th June at 10:00


Rolling Film Festival team pleased to invite you to the press conference of the Rolling Film Festival, an event that celebrates independent cinema and promotes cultural diversity.


The media conference will be held at the Center for Narrative Practice, on UÇK Street, on June 13th at 10:00 a.m.


The Rolling Film Festival aims to showcase a curated selection of films that explore unique narratives and perspectives from around the world. Our mission is to promote cultural understanding, encourage dialogue and support new talent in the film industry.


The Rolling Film Festival's official motto, "Voiceless Voices," underscores the festival's mission to provide a platform for untold stories and marginalized voices. By showing films that delve into the unexplored narratives of the Roma community, the festival aims to break stereotypes, challenge societal prejudices and pave the way for dialogue, empathy and social change.


During the press conference, you'll have the opportunity to hear live about the highlights of the festival, including the film lineup, special events and guest speakers. Additionally, there will be an interactive Q&A session where you can engage with our festival organizers and gain deeper insights into the festival's vision and objectives.


We believe that your presence at the press conference will go a long way in raising awareness of the Rolling Film Festival and its importance in promoting cultural exchange and artistic expression.


Please confirm your participation. If you have any specific requests or interview requests, please feel free to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.


 We look forward to welcoming you to the Rolling Film Festival press conference and partnering with you to create meaningful coverage of this exciting event.


 Thank you for your attention and we look forward to your response.


Pranvera Begolli
Festival Coordinator
+383 49 388 189 

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