Reflecting on a decade of progress

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The Rolling Film Festivals, held in the years 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2018, and 2021, have emerged as an esteemed biennial event in Kosovo, serving as a conduit for fostering understanding and collaboration between the Roma community and other communities within the region. These festivals are dedicated to supporting and showcasing Romani artistic expression while providing a jubilant, dynamic, and transformative setting aimed at dispelling stereotypes and promoting positive inter-ethnic relations. In line with Kosovo's Action Plan for the integration of Roma into national life, particularly in the realm of culture, this project seeks to establish Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with relevant government agencies, recognizing the program's alignment with the Action Plan. Moreover, the project endeavors to garner support from educational institutions and community venues.

The European agenda, as exemplified by European-level and national action plans, as well as the Decade of Roma Inclusion, underscores the significance of education, culture, and non-discrimination as essential tools for breaking the cycle of poverty and enabling successful inclusion of marginalized minorities in national life.

Each year, the Rolling Film Festivals showcase a fresh selection of films originating from various corners of the globe, encompassing both international contributions and locally-produced works. The films are thoughtfully curated to highlight the diversity, cultural richness, and shared humanity inherent inRoma stories. The Rolling Film Festival (RFF) encompasses a multifaceted program, culminating in a five-day-long film festival held in Prishtina.

About Rolling Festival

Meet the team


Celebrating more than a decade since its inception, the Rolling Film Festival has not only offered our neighbors and neighboring countries a window into the lives of Roma individuals worldwide but has also provided a platform for the authentic portrayal of the experiences of Roma people in Kosovo through locally-produced films. Over the years, the festival has gained international recognition and has become a benchmark for other European film festivals interested in showcasing works by and about the Roma community. This growing acclaim and respect for the festival underscorethe importance of supporting similar events throughout Europe.

Throughout its existence, the Rolling Film Festival has achieved the following milestones:

Screened over 200 films exclusively within Kosovo, while maintaining an extensive database comprising more than 700 films.

Engaged approximately 3,000 young individuals in human rights programs across ten high schools in Kosovo.

Facilitated the creation of 70 short films through the Cikore Filmja European Film workshops.

Provided a nurturing space for budding Roma filmmakers in Kosovo to produce their debut works, resulting in ten awards being bestowed upon these films at festivals across Europe.

In response to the burgeoning international demand for access to Roma films, the organizers have developed a distinctive website platform dedicated to showcasing Roma cinema. This platform can be accessed at

About Rolling Festival

Reflecting on a decade of progress


Sami Mustafa - Artistic Director Sami Mustafa, an acclaimed independent documentary director, producer, and writer. His creative prowess has garnered him prestigious awards, and his remarkable journey began with his inaugural film in 2003, a humble trainee endeavor in Plemetina village, Kosovo. Over the course of a decade, Sami has masterfully crafted over fifty captivating short documentaries and docu-fiction works, along with two compelling feature-length films. In 2007, he founded Romawood, a production house dedicated to exploring Roma issues and culture. This marked the genesis of his transformative project, "Jekh Kham Jekh Sel / One Sun One. Sami's unwavering commitment to socially and politically engaged filmmaking has brought the self-representation of Roma people in cinema to a profoundly human level, resonating deeply with audiences across Europe. With his groundbreaking initiatives, including the Rolling Film Festival and his collaborations with international film festivals, Sami has fostered a vibrant cinematic landscape that celebrates Roma voices and fosters cultural dialogue. His journey has now led him to French Ireland in Corsica. As an honorary member of the European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture, his legacy as a visionary Roma filmmaker continues to inspire and empower generations to come.

Avni Mustafa – Festival Director Avni Mustafa, born in 1987 in Kosovo's vibrant village of Plemetina, is a passionate human rights activist and trainer. He has dedicated his life to uplifting the Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities, starting as a manager for Romano Resaipe NGO. Avni's influential work led him to publish a groundbreaking book on their needs and challenges. Currently the Executive Director of Roma Versitas Kosovo NGO and a journalist for Public Service of Kosovo, Avni continues to empower marginalized voices. His tireless efforts with Balkan Sunflowers Kosovo further exemplify his commitment to education and fostering positive change. Avni Mustafa's remarkable journey is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and unwavering determination.

Pranvera Begolli – Project Coordinator FExperienced professional with a background in coordination, management, and project planning. Skilled in intercultural communication, problem-solving and leadership. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Economics and volunteered as a community social worker. Currently working as an Executive Assistant at Oxford Property Group and coordinating the Rolling Film Festival at Roma Versitas Kosovo.

Faton Mustafa – Logistics Coordinator Faton, a talented filmmaker, journalist, and activist from Kosovo, is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Roma community, particularly youth. Through compelling documentaries and grassroots initiatives, he sheds light on the challenges faced by the Roma community, advocates for their rights, and empowers Roma youth to share their stories through film. Faton's work extends beyond Kosovo, reaching Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro, as he raises awareness and creates social change. His passion and commitment make a lasting impact in his community. Opre Roma!

Adrian Sheremeti – Designer and PR Adrian is an accomplished graphic designer with a wealth of experience in the creative industry spanning over ten years. His career began in publishing, where he gained valuable insights and skills while working with magazines and newspapers. As their passion for design grew, they transitioned to collaborating with marketing agencies, further refining their expertise in crafting visually captivating and impactful designs. Since 2010, Adrian has been providing freelance graphic design services to a wide range of clients, building a solid reputation.

Dorela Limaj – Finance Dorela Limanaj, born in Kline in 1993, completed her education in Kline and earned her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Prishtina, specializing in Marketing. Since January 2018, she has been an integral part of the Roma Versitas Kosovo team, serving as the Finance and Admin Manager.