The Rolling Film Festivals – 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014 – have become Kosovo’s most appreciated bi-annual event for introducing other Kosovo communities to the Roma community, for supporting Romani artistic expression, and for providing a festive, dynamic and transformative venue for combating stereotypes and promoting positive inter-ethnic relations. Kosovo has an Action Plan for integration of Roma in national life, including culture. The project will seek MOUs with appropriate government agencies recognizing this program as an aspect of the Action Plan, and support for the project in approach to schools and community venues. European goals, as embodied in European level and national action plans, and in the Decade of Roma Inclusion, recognize education, culture, and non-discrimination as necessary and fundamental means for breaking the cycle of poverty, and including marginalized minorities successfully in national life.

Every year brings new films by and about Roma from around the world, as well as produced close to home. Films are  selected to demonstrate the diversity, richness, and common humanity of Roma stories. The RFF integrates the films in a diverse program:A five-day long film festival in Prishtina.


Rolling Through the Years

It has already been five years since the first Rolling Film Festival. Through the festival, we have introduced the lives of Roma from around the world to our neighbors. More importantly, we have created a platform to showcase the real life stories of Roma people here in Kosovo through locally produced films that have been made close to home. From it’s conception the festival has been a used as a reference for other international festivals in Europe that are interested in showcasing films that are made by and about Roma. Its growing recognition and respect that has been gained over the last five years proves the importance of supporting such events throughout Europe. Since the beginning Rolling has:
• Screened more than 150 films and created a database of over 400 films.
• Involved roughly 2,000 youth in human rights programs in ten Kosovo high schools.
• Produced 56 short films through the Cikore Filmja European Film workshops.
• Offered a space for young Kosovo Roma filmmakers to create their first films for which 5 awards have been given at festivals around Europe.