Jeremy Gravayat

Jeremy Gravayat, France


Q&A “A Lua Platz” on 22nd June in Kino Armata

Panel Discussion “Spaces and immigration” on 23rd of June at 14:00 after rerun of his film in Center for Narrative Practice.


Jérémy Gravayat is a highly skilled filmmaker, renowned for his exceptional ability to capture and document the living conditions of exiled communities. His approach to filmmaking combines extensive field work with archive research, oral histories, and militant engagement. With an impressive portfolio of projects executed in Calais, Palestine, and the suburbs of Lyon, Marseille, and Paris, Gravayat's films are characterized by a strong focus on the human use of territory, a multiplicity of viewpoints, and a variety of formats, ranging from film to digital. As a member of L'Abominable, a filmmaker co-lab based in La Courneuve, and, Gravayat's work is both influential and highly regarded. We would be honored to have his films screened at our festival

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