Pablo Vega

Pablo Vega, Spain


Q&A on 20nd of June 20:00


Panel Discussion on Identity on 21st of June, Center for Narrative Practice after the rerun.


Born in a traditional Roma/Gitano family in Spain, Pablo Vega discovered his passion for
filmmaking at a young age. Despite the cultural expectations and financial struggles, he faced,
he pursued his dream and attended a film school in California, where he was exposed to a
variety of styles and techniques.

Inspired by his Roma heritage and the stories of his community, Pablo's films often depict the
struggles and joys of marginalized communities. He has a captivating ability to capture the
beauty in everyday life and convey the emotions of his characters in a way that resonates with

Despite his success, Pablo remains grounded and committed to using his art to promote social
justice and cultural understanding. He is a strong advocate for minority representation in the film
industry and is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of Roma filmmakers.


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