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Director, Stephan Crasneanscki
Documentary, 82’ France 2017

Q&A with Stephan Crasneanski


From its delta on the Black Sea, all the way to Serbia, we follow the meanders of the Danube and the gipsy musicians, meeting «Men», the Roma. That is the name they go by. They form the largest ethnic minority in Europe, made up of several hundred clans. Among them, that of the lautari, the musicians.


Director's Biography 

Stephan Crasneanscki (born 1969, Grenoble, France) is a musician and pho- tographer. He is best known for his international Soundwalk projects and his work as founder and director of genre-bending music group Soundwalk Col- lective.

He received severals awards (Audie Awards and Dalton Pen Award) for his projects such as the “Sonic Memorial Soundwalk”, the “Walliamsburg Hasidic Soundwalk” or the “Beijing Soundwalk”.
PRINCES AMONG MEN is his first feature as film director.




Coordinator Faton Mustafa

Q&A with Faton Mustafa and Participants

Akif Mustafa, Bale Mustafa, Dani Berisha, Irfan Mustafa, Djordje Berisha (Plemetina)
Sabina, Mehmeti, Medina Mehmeti (Gracanica)
Gjeti Garipi, Sibella Garipi (Janjevo)
Ramadan Garipi, Vilson Garipi, Sibella Gashi (Janjevo)
Roksana Garip, Sujella Garipi, Suat Garipi (Janjevo)
Nadjije Gashi, Isljam Garip, Gzim Gashi (Janjevo)
Ljatifi, Burhan Jashari (Gracanica)
Jeton Osmani, Amando Mustafa, Haljilj Berisha (Plemetina)
Selmir Selihi, Riza Serifovic, Ardijan Salijevic (Gracanica)
Ronaldo Mustafa, Djemalje Emini, Muhamed Kurta (Plemetina)
Bajram Berisha, Elvis Ramic, Fabijan Emini, Ervan Osmani (Plemetina)



Directors Biography

Faton Mustafa is a filmmaker and a journalist. He has worked for many NGOs such as Romawood, Rolling Film Festival and a great number of film workshops with Roma youth, Gaia SCI Kosovo, RomaRoads, Balkan Sunflowers and RADC; he participated in many social and education projects, as well as, the initiative for the empowerment of Roma communities, especially Youth in Kosovo and promoting voluntarism. From 2009 to 2011 he worked for Kosovo’s National TV (RTK)’s Roma programme “Yekhipe” compiling TV Report’s and working as cameraman, editor and journalist and made more than 40 TV reports on diverse topics related to Human Rights around Kosovo with a special focus on Roma people.

In 2015 Faton began working with Roma Versitas Kosovo (RVK) where he currently holds the position of PR (Public Relations) but also supports Roma youth by teaching them how they can promote Roma lives in the 21st century using today’s technology. While working with RVK he managed a project where youth were thought how to show their everyday life stories using only their phones and storytelling techniques.


Director Mária Horváth
Animation, Hungary, 2015


Doja, the beautiful Gypsy fairy, gracefully strolls down a rainbow to be among her people and help them. Clinging to her long, sable hair, they fly with her to a wondrous island, where they can build their own fiefdom and live happily, in peace. But then, one day, a terrible thing happens...


Directors Biography

Mária Horváth was born in 1952. She studied as a goldsmith at the Vocational Middle School of Arts in Pécs. In 1971 she joined the Kecskemét Film Studio in its infancy. She has two daughters, four grandchildren and still some film plans. In 1990 she received a Balázs Béla Award. In her films, she intends to create the synthesis of poetry and animation.




Director Tomás Almási
Documentary, 85’, Hungary, 2015

Q&A with Tamás Almási


Anti is an 18-year-old Roma boy, who loves to play the guitar. He is presented with the opportunity to break out of a rundown Roma slum in a remote corner of Hungary, and travels to the Snétberger Music Talent Center, where he has been selected for his talent, along with sixty other Roma youths. He now has the chance of a better life. The question is whether he can make the most of this golden opportunity. Does he possess the ability to change his seemingly predestined life Through Anti’s story the full-length documentary film also introduces the excellent work of the Snétberger Music Talent Center.


Directors Biography

Tamás Almási (born 26 July 1948 in Székesfehérvár) is one of the most well known and most successful Hungarian documentary film directors. He directs but sometimes also photographs his own films. So far he has made more than forty full-length documentaries and some movie fiction films, which have been screened at a number of highly prestigious festivals in Europe and overseas earning him numerous awards. His films have been broadcast around forty countries. He has been awarded the highest Hungarian artistic distinction the Kossuth price.

He graduated at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest as a film director in 1979. He has also been teaching filmmaking at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest since 1999. In 2005 he obtained his DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts). Currently he is a professor at this university. He is best known for the Ózd Series, a series of documentaries about the Ózd steelworks.