The Pre-Selection Committee become an ad-hoc action on a voluntary basis organized by Dija Krasniqi.

Rolling Film Festival received more than 1500 Films via the filmfreeway platform. To create a shortlist, about 7 young people from Kosovo have watched over 100 films for selection of the second round by the artistic director.

Kadrije Krasniqi

Since 2003 Kadrije has made a significant contribution to Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo, her contribution in human rights promotion in the areas of minority rights, children’s rights, migration, education, research, analysis on human rights issues. In 2014, she founded the NGO Sunshine in which for several years she implemented several projects for communities. She developed her career in journalism and documentary filming. She is known as the director of three documentary films. As a project leader in advocacy and human rights activism she participated in various projects where she has been actively involved in different conferences and roundtables and contributing to the development of strategies and action plans at the governmental level.  

Malda Emini

Malda Emini is 21 year old and finished her high school in Plemetina, she lives in Prilizje, a beautiful little village. She was an active coordinator in Roma Road NGO and participated different projects regarding women’s rights.

In Rolling Film Festival, she watched 200 movies and became inspired as she experienced many different worldviews.

Selma Emini

Selma Emini is a 20 year old from the small village of Priluzje. From a very young age she decided to study medicine.  Selma was part of projects in “Roma Road” NGO, dealing with environment and maintaining clean villages. She participated in women rights activities, teaching women about their basic rights. This year she is working as a volunteer in Rolling Film Festival and she has watched more than 200 movies.

Kendiza Lala

Kendiza has been working with non-majority communities for more than five years, currently continuing her studies at Rochester Institute of Technology (A.U.K).

Besides her passion for working with kids, she is also very active person within the community. For her dedication, in 2019, she was one of the winners of the EU prize for Roma Integration for the Western Balkans and Turkey, taking the second prize for Kosovo.

Elvis Avdiu

Elvis is a library assistant as well as persuing his studies at Rochester Institute of Technology (A.U.K).  Elvis has worked for over three years with different projects of international NGOs that promote equal opportunities for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo.  With his advocacy as a human rights activist, he supported a lot of families in different ways, especially in empowering the current business of these communities.

Faton Mustafa 

Faton Mustafa is a filmmaker and a journalist. He has worked for many NGOs such as Romawood, Rolling Film Festival and a great number of film workshops with Roma youth, Gaia SCI Kosovo, RomaRoads, Balkan Sunflowers and RADC; he participated in many social and education projects, as well as, the initiative for the empowerment of Roma communities, especially Youth in Kosovo and promoting voluntarism. From 2009 to 2011 he worked for Kosovo’s National TV (RTK)’s Roma programme “Yekhipe” compiling TV Report’s and working as cameraman, editor and journalist and made more than 40 TV reports on diverse topics related to Human Rights around Kosovo with a special focus on Roma people.

In 2015 Faton began working with Roma Versitas Kosovo (RVK) where he currently holds the position of PR (Public Relations) but also supports Roma youth by teaching them how they can promote Roma lives.


Denis Mustafa

Denis is a long-standing member of RFF since its third edition. He He coordinated the fifth edition, after which he decided to join his girlfriend and live in Hildenshaim, Germany. Denis is a filmmaker. He made his first film as a trainee when he was 11 years old. He and his older friends made "Jekh Kham Jekh Sel / One Sun One Nation”, a film, that was shown in more than twenty film festivals in Europe, US, and Latin America. In 2010, he made another short film for Rolling Film Festival called "The Dream Power" and won the Audience Award. The film "TOXIC FUN", made in a workshop in Plemetina, Kosovo, won awards at the DEPOK festival in Budapest.