"Education for inclusive society through animation Crtana Filmja/Animation Film Workshop", which took place from 15-21 February and brought together 15 young people of different ethnicities in Kosovo. During these days, in addition to learning techniques of animation film, they had the opportunity to learn other important aspects of interethnic cooperation.

The training ended with new friendships being formed, and with promises that everyone will meet soon in their cities. The participants were from different cities, such as Drenas, Shtime, Fushë Kosovë, Plemetinë, Gjakovë, Prizren.


Flaka Kokolli

Flaka Kokolli is an animator from Kosovo. She was born on the 7th of October 1998, in Prishtine, where she grew up and finished her education up until University. After having been a workshop participant and volunteer in the Anibar Animation Festival for a couple of years, at the age of 16 she started tutoring stop-motion workshops, later on coordinating them, as well as becoming a selection panel member for Anibar’s “Kids and Teen” program. 

In the year 2016, she started the BA program in Animation, at the Metropolitan University of Budapest, Hungary.
After graduation, she came back to Kosovo to initially work for different graphic design and animation companies, to later open her own company called “Flammorum”. With Flammorum she has had a few animation and infographic projects, as well as the recently finished short animated film called “Mardhë”, produced by the Oral History Initiative.

Currently, she is working on another short animated film, subsided by the Cinematographic Center of Kosovo (QKK), and is a selection panel member for the main program of Anibar. Moreover, she has been continuing her work with tutoring workshops for multiple festivals and organizations such as UNWomen, WiSci Steam Camp, S'bunker, etc.

Faton Mustafa


Faton Mustafa is a filmmaker and a journalist. He has worked for many NGOs such as Romawood, Rolling Film Festival and a great number of film workshops with Roma youth, Gaia SCI Kosovo, RomaRoads, Balkan Sunflowers and RADC; he participated in many social and education projects, as well as, the initiative for the empowerment of Roma communities, especially Youth in Kosovo and promoting voluntarism. From 2009 to 2011 he worked for Kosovo’s National TV (RTK)’s Roma programme “Yekhipe” compiling TV Report’s and working as cameraman, editor and journalist and made more than 40 TV reports on diverse topics related to Human Rights around Kosovo with a special focus on Roma people.

In 2015 Faton began working with Roma Versitas Kosovo (RVK) where he currently holds the position of PR (Public Relations) but also supports Roma youth by teaching them how they can promote Roma lives.

Zela Behrami

Valbona Gashi

Sabrie Beliu         

Liridona Krakoveri

Donit Smakiqi

Arianit Bytyqi

Muhamedin Berisha

Irfan Mustafa

Visar Kukaqi

Veton Gashi

Ardian Krasniqi

Ergin Mehmeti

Nuhi Berisha

Bledina Bytyqi