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Opening Ceremony
Introduction to the festival


Directors Lawen Mohtadi & Gellert Tamas
1h32’, Documentary, Sweden, 2015 

Q&A with Gellert Tamas


Documentary about the Life of the Romani writer and activist Katarina Taikon. The documentary tells the story of how Katarina Taikon became a leading voice when the Romani people in Sweden fought for their civil rights and how she influenced an entire generation of young people with her books about a young Romani girl called Katitzi.

Biography of Directors

Lawen Mohtadi is a journalist, author and publisher. Her biography about Katarina Taikon, Den dag jag blir fri (The day I left), drew great attention to Taikon's ground-breaking work. Mohtadi has worked as a reporter and program leader for a range of social and cultural programs on Sweden's Radio.

Gellert Tamas is a documentary filmmaker, author and journalist. His books have been translated into more than ten languages and have received many prizes.



Live music by Driton Berisha

Driton is a Roma artist, who today lives in Plemetina. His passion for guitar started during his early years; however, he only bought his first guitar at the age of 16. It had three strings and cost him 2 euros. He soon bought a set of new strings and continued to practice how to play and sing. At the beginning of his guitar life, he would only play instrumentals of songs, and only later discovered the fun in playing and singing songs together with friends, which motivated him to learn, play and sing all kinds of songs. Although he sees his music as a hobby, he now has two albums of his own songs, many of which are about love and some deal with human rights. A number of his songs have been used as tracks in documentaries.