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Welcome Home

by Eliza Petkova
Germany / Kosovo - 2011 - 69’

On the 14th of April 2010 Germany and Kosovo signed a Repatriation Treaty. From then on Germany has been deporting Roma hailing from Kosovo. Most of the people sitting on the airplane have been living in Germany for more than ten years. Now they are forced to find a new home in Kosovo. How were their children who were born and grew up in Germany supposed to be able to feel at home in a country, where he or she doesn’t even speak the language and is fearful to go out onto the street. The film delivers an insight into the lives of deported Roma in Kosovo and into those of Roma living in Germany, threatened with deportation. None of the deported children is attending school; most commonly all family members sleep in one room; primary health care is barely accessible. In Germany as well as in Kosovo the Roma can’t sleep in peace. In Germany they are in fear of being deported at a moment’s notice, in Kosovo they are homesick for Germany and barely surviving.

Eliza Petkova

Eliza Petkova is 27 Years old. She was born in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. She has lived in Germany eight years. There she studied philosophy and Japanology in Düsseldorf University. Currently she is writing her dissertation in philosophy and is working as a freelance filmmaker in Berlin.
Director and Writer: Eliza Petkova
Camera and Editing: Hannes Marget
Sound: Johannes Kuhn
Production: Jan Derksen
Research: Eva Weber