Cigarettes and Songs

Slovak Republic – 2010 – 50’

The musical project AfterPhurikane Gila is based on an anthropological investigation in Roma settlements in Slovakia. Jana Belisova collected hundreds of old Roma songs. After this research she organized a workshop of 6 interesting Roma singers with three professional musicians, who tried to make music together. And so a powerful multicultural project started. People from different cultural and social layers are singing and playing together and the result is breathtaking. This documentary film, Cigarettes and Songs, records a one week long meeting of singers and musicians in Veľký Slavkov, where in August 2009 they recorded songs for the musical project AfterPhurikane Giľa in a local church. It is a sort of “making of” AfterPhurikane Giľa, which adds to this music a new dimension of reality, humor, and absurdity.

Marek Šulík
Born in1974. In 2005 Marek Šulík was awarded the ZENTIVA award for young filmmakers at the international film festival FEBIOFEST, Bratislava. In his work, which centres on the social documentary, he often collaborates with non-governmental organisations. He often collaborates on projects as a director and editor. He teaches documentary film making at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava and works also as a lecturer in film workshops.
Director: Marek Šulík, Jana
Director of Photography: Marek
Šulík, Jana Kovalčíková
Film Editor: Marek Šulík
Sound: Dušan Kozák
Music: AfterPhurikane Giľa