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by Matija VUKŠIĆ

Croatia – 2009 – 25’
Benjamin is a story about a 17-year old Romany who searches for his identity. State champion in geography, he isn’t satisfied with life in a Romany environment and tries to find the way to be fully accepted by non-Romany people. Many of the Romany in the settlement are jealous of him because thanks to his school achievements his family got water and electricity. Benjamin’s parents, Jehovah’s Witnesses, often emphasize that their son is successful thanks to religion and God. Benjamin disagrees with them in that as well as in many other things.

Matija Vuksic
Matija Vuksic was born 1982 in Čakovec (Croatia). In 2005 she graduated journalism from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. Currently she works as editor and reporter for HRT (Croatian Radio Television). In 2008 Matija Vuksic enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Arts (MA, documentary film). ‘Benjamin’ is his first film.


Director: Matija Vukšić
Screenplay: Matija Vukšić
Director of photography: Raul Brzić
Editing: Goran Čače
Actors: Benjamin Ignac, Radoslav Ignac, Katarina Ignac
Producer: Saša Bijelić