Dear Friends,

Rolling Film Festival is rolling for the second time and it is with a great pleasure that we received and watched more than 70 films made by and about Roma, double the number we received for the 1st edition.
This illustrates that there are more and more people involved in understanding Roma culture, history, art – and unfortunately also the struggle that Roma people are facing every day.
This shows also that the misrepresentation, stereotypes and social injustice towards Roma in the world continues and that we are challenged to fight against it.
These films need to be shown; these stories to be listened to.
The Rolling team hopes that you will be inspired by all the different stories that the storytellers will tell during these four nights in Pristina and later on the road in Kosovo.  While these stories are in their particulars by and about Roma, the success of the storytellers is that they are also universal stories of the clash of tradition and modernity, of loss and hope, of home and new frontiers, of pride and prejudice, of humor and despair. The films come from different countries, as the Roma have spread all around the world through some ten centuries; from different environments, and in different languages, but still there remains shared culture and identity, whether they live in Germany, or in France, Spain, Kosovo, USA, Bulgaria, Slovakia… etc.
We wish you a joyful festival! 
Beshen Sascipnasa!
The Rolling Team
Balkan Sunflowers and Romawood