About Balkan Sunflowers Kosova
Balkan Sunflowers seeks to build a dynamic Kosovar society, responsible for its own present and future, promoting humane values, and celebrating the diversity of the peoples and cultures of Southeast Europe.
Balkan Sunflowers is committed to improving the holistic well-being of all people through practical, values-based, youth-initiated and community-supported activities in culture, education, social change and European integration. Balkan Sunflowers is a multiplier, building activist lives and communities through volunteerism, regional and international exchange, and local community action.

About Romawood

Romawood is using the power of culture and art to build an open-minded society in Kosovo and in Europe. Romawood is a local organization focused on improving the socio-cultural youth work, inclusion, mobilization, networking and self-esteem of young Roma with projects that engage them in film, music, visual arts, theater or other artistic media. Romawood supports and develops artistic production that aims to stimulate creative and collaborative work in support of the human dignity and rights of Roma people in Kosovo and in Europe.