Rolling Team

Rand Engel (Director)
Muhamed Arifi (Director)
Sami Mustafa (Artistic Director)
More Raca (Project Coordinator)
Jeff Treisbach (Fundraising and Program Development)
Dearbhla Egan (Visual Communications and Outreach)
Ramiz Emini (Logistic Coordinator)
Faton Mustafa (Trainer Cikore Filmja)
Denis Mustafa (Visual Technical Support - Trainee)
Arbër Selmani (Communication and PR)
Sami Canaj (Finance)
Charlotte Bohl (Advisor)
Milica Milović (Advisor)
Bajram Kinoli - Kafu (Advisor)

Sami Mustafa (Artistic Director)
Sami is an Independent film maker that gives opportunity to young Roma people to learn and to express other Roma lives, experience and identity through artistic methods, producing documentary films. Sami made his first film as a trainee in 2003 in Plemetina village in Kosovo, where the native of this town learned the techniques of film making with Balkan Sunflowers NGO. Sami has produced more than twenty-five documentaries, docu-fiction, and music videos on Roma culture, art, human rights and social life in Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, France and Slovenia in cooperation with partners Balkan Sunflowers, Luksus Produkcija, Koperativa, NISI MASA, Local Democracy Agency Nis Serbia, Local Democracy Agency Gjilan Kosovo, Dosta Campaign, etc. One of his films “Road to Home”, was screened at Cannes Film Festival in 2007; it was the only Kosovar film presented.

In 2007, Sami founded Romawood, a production house focusing on Roma issues and population. Later that same year, he initiated the “Jekh Kham Jekh Sel/One Sun One Nation” project, which has made the most indelible impact on his life and work. “Nachi Palem Khere/Never Back Home”, his last documentary, has been develop seven years. Sami captures the stories, and the changes of living conditions of families from different parts of Kosovo who are “internally displaced” in his hometown in Plemetina. Sami also took the initiative to one of the greatest Roma event in Kosovo as an artistic director of Rolling Film Festival – films made by and about Roma around the world. Sami is also a film tutor and has been tutoring for for more than 30 films, mostly short documentaries or fiction. Many of these films have won international pricess in Film Festivals. He is also a one of founder of upcoming new Romani Film Commission to support Roma Films around the world.


More Raça (Project Coordinator)

More Raça was born in 1992 in Kosovo.Studied for film and tv directing in the university of Prishtina. She directed four short films and two documentaries.Her last film “Amel” particpated in thirty film festivals and won seven awards. She is a filmmaker and women's right activist.



Jeff Treisbach – Fundraising and Program Development   
Jeff has volunteered and worked for Balkan Sunflowers Kosova at various times since 2009 and he assisted in the implementation of the first and second editions of the Rolling Film Festival. Originally from the United States, he has developed a deep appreciation for Kosovo and especially its Roma community. In 2013 Jeff completed an MA in Intercultural Conflict Management at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin where he focused on the reintegration of Roma who have been forcibly returned to Kosovo. Prior to moving to Europe, Jeff received his BA in International Relations from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. He is currently based in Pristina and works on fundraising and administration for this year’s Rolling Film Festival.

Ramiz Emini (Logistic Co-ordinator)
Ramiz  Emini born 15 December 1980. from Priluzje village, in Kosovo. From early 2003 hestarted working as a journalist in Radio Station MIX in Priluzje and RADIO EUROPE Obiliic (Pristina Municiaplity) covering the Pristina region in Roma language. He has been involved in different projects organized by NGOs such as Anglunipe (Future), Duga (Rainbow) and Romawood, as well as external individual projects co-organized by UNICEF Innovation Lab that help him to organize one of his first self develop innovative ideas and to transform them into the project and their implementation. Mostly he is determined to show and promote the Roma Culture and costumes, children’s educations and youth empowerment.

Dearbhla Egan (Visual Communications and Outreach)
After receiving a Bachelors degree in Visual Communications from The Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD) Dearbhla went on to complete a Masters degree in development studies at The University of Edinburgh. Dearbhla moved to Kosovo as part of a European Voluntary Service with Balkan Sunflowers Kosova and is involved in their volunteerism project which aims to promote volunteering and activism amongst Kosovo’s youth. Since arriving in Kosovo she has overseen the visual identity of various projects with BSFK including the Learning Centers Network and the EDI-project.

Faton Mustafa  (Trainer – Cikore Filmja)
Faton is an independent film maker that is giving opportunities to young Roma people to learn and to express other Roma lives, experience and identity through artistic methods, producing documentary films. Faton made his first film as a trainee in 2003 in Plemetina village in Kosovo, where the inhabitans of this town learned the techniques of film making with Balkan Sunflowers NGO. Faton has produced more than eight documentaries, documentary films and videos on Roma culture, human rights and social life in Kosovo, Serbia, and Kosovo in cooperation with partners Balkan Sunflowers, Luksus Produkcija, Koperativa. One of his films is “Never Back Home”. Faton continues working for Balkan Sunflowers as a videographer where during 3 years he made about 75 TV reports on Roma live, events, human’s rights and social life.


Denis Mustafa (Visual Technical Suppoer - Trainee)
Denis Mustafa was born in 1996, Denis made his first film when he was 11 years old as a trainee when he and his older friends made Jekh Kham Jekh Sel / One Sun One Nation, a film that was shown in more than twenty film festivals in Europe, US, and Latin American. In 2010, he made another short film for Rolling Film Festival called "The Dream Power" and won the Audience Award. And also he made another film during the workshop in Plemetina TOXIC FUN where this film won in the DEPOK festival in Budapest. He would like to make the documentary films about the Roma life. Denis will continue to make film just to shown to the people how much he is capable as a young man and be example for other young Roma filmmakers. Films he would like to do are successful young people, talents and many others which are showing Roma stories and many others Romas life in different perspective. As a young filmmaker and very successful in early stages. I want to pass by to other youth too.


Charlotte Bohl - Mustafa (Advisor)
After receiving a Bachelor in Economics, and a Bachelor in Cultural Policy and History of Art, Charlotte completed a Masters in Politics and European Cultural Projects in the European Studies Institute of Paris 8 University in 2009. She moved to Kosovo the same year and worked for the next 3 years on different cultural projects development. She implemented a European Youth Film Festival in Gjilan/Gnijlane during the summers 2009, and 2011 and has worked as Production Assistant for  documentary films. She was also working for the Roma program for the national television of Kosovo (RTK) and organizing artistic projects with Roma youth in Europe, such as Youth Roma artistic exchange. (RomArt, july 2010, Art in Action, august 2011).
She was Rolling Film Festival‘s coordinator for its second edition in 2011.

Back in France, she worked for Council of Europe (ROMED program) with the Roma team and coordinated the launch of Dosta! Campaign in Kosovo. In january 2012, she joined the team of Banlieues d’Europe European Cultural Network based in Lyon (France) as project developer.


Milica Milović (Advisor)
Milica Milović is a human rights and environmental activist, trainer, international work camps organizer, recycled art artist, musician and puppeteer.

Milica Milović is a puppeteer, both performing and script writing with Puppet Studio „Abrakadabra“, Novi Sad,  Serbia, since 2002. In 2006, Milica started cooperating intensively with a Serbian youth association (Volunteer Centre of Vojvodina / SCI Serbia) organizing youth exchanges, work camps, non-formal educational programs, and promotion of volunteering and volunteer work, etc. Through non-formal education she became an expert in the field of Peace Education and Recycled Art and she lead many trainings and study sessions organized by the Council of Europe, Service Civil International (SCI), Balkan Sunflowers and GAIA.

Milica is in Kosovo since 2009 and from then she is actively involved in different activities with NGO’s Balkan Sunflowers and Romawood. She is one of the founder of NGO “GAIA”, where she works as a program developer in the field of peace promotion, social justice, sustainable development, respect of environment, education and integration of marginalized and minority groups, especially with Roma. She is also coordinator of SCI working group SAVA that deals with youth exchanges in the Balkans.

Milica has been on the 2011 Rolling as program development and 2012 as project co-ordinator.

Bajram Kinoli – Kafu  (Advisor)
Bajram Kinolli, known as “Kafu” is an independent artist. He leads Social Dance Theatre, Step Dance, STOMP dance and singing workshops performed in most of the cities around Kosovo promoting social life, justice and human rights (with GAIA, YMCA, Global Motion, Romawood, Balkan Sunflowers NGOs). He is one of the founders of GAIA NGO Kosovo and is program coordinator there. He is also a musician and singer, actor, activist and movie maker (“Roki” is his first film). Born in Gjakov@ on 06.10.1985 in a Gypsy family, he grew up in an old-school folk-gypsy musical and artistic family together with Gjakovarian folk culture. In his twenties, Kafu joined the rap band “West Clan Records”. Soon after that he was invited to join another rock band in 2007, he became leader singer of this band performing all around Kosovo. A year after that, he was invited to take part in “Albania Pop Idol” where he reached the final 30 music performers. After “Pop Idol” he stayed a while longer in Albania and joined another band “Sunrise” in a motor bar Steel Wings. In 2009, he returned to Kosovo and continued performing with a new band called “Ice Scream”. Once again, in the beginning of 2010, he went to Albania for “Albanians Got Talent” and reached the top 20, but this time he returned to Kosovo soon after and kept playing around Kosovo. In the middle of 2010, Kafu founded a new band called “Gipsy Groove” .“Gipsy Groove” is grooving around Kosovo in different festivals and events with their gypsy-jazz-funk sound. Parallel with his music career Kafu is active in different NGOs, with his artistic skills, raising his voice for Human Rights.
Kafu has been on the 2009 & 2011 Rolling production team.