Jury for Cikore Filmja

The Jury of Cikore Filmja (Cikore in Romanes means "small" so we called them small films as they are produced within the few hours of introduction of film making to young R  pre-production and production) made by youth in Kosovo from Kuzmin, Fushe Kosova, Gracanica and Priluzje will compete during the 4th day of the festival. The Audience Award will be deciding for the first price, while for second and third price will be decided by the Jurry members of Driton Berisa (an Roma artist from Kosovo) and Isment Sijarina a film director from Pristina.

The Jurry members:

Driton Beriša

Driton Beriša is a Roma born in Prishtina. He is currently working for Kosovo Education Center and is involved in projects that aim for inclusion of Roma in Early Childhood Development. He is also in his last years as a full time student in American University in Kosovo and is expecting to receive a Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences Degree with concentrations in Media and Graphics, Management, and with a minor in International relations.  One of his passions is music. He plays guitar, sings, and composes songs. Until now he wrote 18 songs, and will soon publish his second music album. Some of his songs were used in documentaries such as Never Back Home, a film by Sami Mustafa; Three Rooms of Hope, a film by Denis Mustafa; Lives, a film produced by Balkan Sunflowers; and in other different short documentaries. His inspiration is God, love, Roma identity, respect and freedom.


Ismet Sijarina

Since the beginning of his study in the Faculty of Arts, branch of filmmaking, 1998 he began his Directing career, Directing many Short Films, Documentaries, Music Mideos etc. He’s recent projects “Beyond the rainbow” and first low budget feature film “Ama dorën” (Hold my hand) were greatly accepted by audience and critics (articles published in Kosovo daily’s as well as international reviews) showed that Ismet brought an original and authorial approach on filmmaking in Kosovo. His projects were shown, in lot of European film festivals, such as Karlovy Vary FF (students competition), Sarajevo FF, Dogma FF, Cinema tout ecran, Pink apple FF, Tirana International FF, Nine eleven dedication FF, Rome International FF, Durrës International SummerFest, Prifilm Fest etc. Recently Ismet was part of a program supported by US government “Film in US”, where together with 16 other young filmmakers from the whole world went through intensive courses on filmmaking on United states of America as well as his films where screened in different places during this program such as MOMA New York etc. In 2012 Ismet Sijarina Directed the first multiethnic TV series called “MURET/The Walls” which treated lost persons in Kosovo. This TV mini-series was highly rated by the critics for its original approach. Currently he is engaged in developing the film project for his next feature film “Korniza e kuqe” supported by the Kosovo Cinematography Center for script developing as well as he’s working as lecturer in University of Prishtina, Faculty of Fine Arts. Ismet is well known for actions on society issues such as environment and people with special needs.