19:30 - 20:55 Gypsy Spirit - Clossing Film
10:00 - 23:00 Gypsy Groove Concert at ODA THEATRE

18:30 - 20:55 Gypsy Spirit - Clossing Film 91’ – Austria – 2012
Documentary Directed by KLAUS HUNDSBICHLER  
Bio Klaus Hundsbichler's work falls into three areas: as director, editor and composer. He directed, edited and produced "Worldrevolution" and composed the music for "Midsummer Madness", "Karo und der liebe Gott" and "Mirage", as well as numerous industrial films and commercials. He edited "Midsummer Madness", "The Ten Commandments", which received an Emmy nomination for the editing and numerous music videos (Queen, David Bowie, Gianna Nannini, Falco) as well as - infamously - Frank Zappa's Baby Snakes movie. His directorial credits include “Tom und die Biberbande”, “Against the Current” and a life of Johann Strauss, as well as many music videos, music documentaries and commercials.
Synopsis "I've always played Gypsy Music, that's what my father taught me. But I would like to know where this music is from". Willing to discover the roots of Gypsy music, famous Austrian guitarist Harri Stojka goes on a journey to Rajasthan, India, to meet local musicians and play with them. There, he encounters several artists using the most original instruments, and always eager to share the joy of playing. More important, he realizes that the Gypsy spirit is something that brings them together. After all, they speak the same language: the language of music.

1997 – Baby Snakes
1999 – The Venice Project
2000 – Bon Jovi: The Crush Tour
2006 – Karo und der liebe Gott
2006 – The Ten Commandments
2006 – Tumsie briezi
2008 – La Bohème


2011 –South East European Film Festival, Cinéma du Réel
2012 – Edmonton International Film Festival, Santa Rosa International Film Festival, Beijing International Film Festival
2013 – Cottbus Film Festival



22:00 - 23:00 Gypsy Groove CONCERT
Bio Gipsy Groove formed in 2010-2011 and play authentic Balkan Roma music, which they infuse with other musical influences: Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Ska, DnB etc. Their performances are charismatic, energetic and often improvised.
Gipsy Groove is the first and only band in Kosovo who play original Roma music. The band members are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and they bring this cultural diversity, as well as their interest in human rights and peace, into their performances. Gispy Groove has performed in : Great Anatolian Meeting of the World Cultures (TUR), Ngom Festival (KS), Green Festival (KS), National Theater (Ks),Culture Week of Roma, Ashkali , Egyptian festival (KS), Dosta campaign (Ks) Berlin- Youth Center –Roma Day (GER), Tirana Express- Alternative culture space (AL) , Big Brother Albania live show (AL), Opening Act of ESMA REDZEPOVA in Festival of culture of Roma , Ashkali and Egyptian (KS), International Romani Art Festival"IRAF" (RO), NGOM Festival*2 (KS),Roma Rythem2012 (KS) and we also play in clubs around the Balkans .


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