WEDNESDAY 22nd OCT. 2014 DAY 4

18:30 - 18:47 Three Rooms of Hope
Discussion with Director Denis Mustafa
19:00 - 19:30  Lives
Discussion with Creative Crew and Arian Mustafa
break 10min
19:50 - 20:20 Cikore Filmja Showing and Ceremony
Break 10min
20:30 - 20:50 Cikore Filmja Hrvatska - out of competition
20:50 - 21:00 Wall
21:00 - 21:30 Lisieres / On the Egde
21:30 - 22:00 Announcement for Cikore Film Winners Ceremony


18:30 - 18:47 THREE ROOMS OF HOPE 17’ – Kosovo – 2014

Directed by Denis Mustafa

Q&A with Denis Mustafa following the film

Denis Mustafa was born in 1996 and made his first film when he was 11 years old. He was a trainee on Jekh Kham Jekh Sel / One Sun One Nation, a film that was shown in more than twenty film festivals in Europe, US, and Latin American. In 2010, he made another short film “The Dream Power” which won the Rolling Film Festival audience award that year.


Three children search a way to their dreams. Their dreams at some point become ideals which they don't know where it will take them. Will their power of dream continue to be as strong as it was in the beginning?

2007 - One Sun One Nation
2010 - The Power of Dreams
2011 - Toxic Fun


Awards 2011 - Audience Award Rolling Film Festival for Toxic Fun
2012 - Merit Award Depok IFF for Toxic Fun Contacts



19:00 - 19:30 LIVES
35’ – Kosovo – 2014

Directed by Arian Mustafa

Q&A with Arian Mustafa

Arian Mustafa born 20 July 1977, in Prishtina, Kosova. He attended the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Arts - Movie Directing, and graduated in 2012.During his studies he made several short fiction movies including, "PERDJA" - (Curtain), in 2009; "KONTEJNERI" - (Container), in 2009; "LUHATJA" - (Fluctuation), in 2010; "MUZGU" (Twilight), in 2010 - awarded "Best Movie" in National Competion of "Skena Up", Students International Movie and Theatre Festival, Prishtina 2010; "SHAHU" (Chess), in 2011 - 4 nominees including: Best Film, Best Directing, Best Editing, Best Actor in "9/11 Dedication Festival", Prishtina 2011; "BODRUMI" (The Basement), in 2011- Awarded Best Actor and Best Camera at the SWI-KOS Int. Short Film Festival, Basel; “LEONARDI” (Leonardo), in 2012, Awarded Best Camera and nominated in all categories in Nine Eleven Dedication Festival, national short film festival; and a middle length documentary film “LIVES”, 2013-14. Arian currentlly works as a TV Director, for Public Broadcaster, RTK.


A youth, Rrahim, 15 years old, is the “star” of LIVES. He is from Kosovo’s Ashkali community, a disadvantaged and often discriminated against minority. Rrahim hears in school about life expectancy and realizes that this is different for different people. Rrahim wants to understand why he, his friends, his family will live shorter lives than their neighbors – for the stark reality is that Ashkalis along with Roma and Egyptians in Kosovo live on average at least 10 years shorter lives than the majority community. This becomes Rrahim’s exploration – his effort to understand why. We will follow him as he meets different people to question them, to increase his understanding. We see Rrahim in his family, with his grandfather, school friends, talking with families who have lost a loved one recently, exploring dates on cemetery headstones, talking with kids. We also meet doctors and other health professionals, as well as the Minister of Health of Kosovo. Gradually, Rrahim learns some of the reasons that may account for this health and human rights catastrophe facing the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo.


19:50 - 20:20 Cikore Filmja Showing and Ceremony Film titles and synopsis

Turkijan Aljija
Veton Gashi
Emran Rama
Shaban Hiseni


Enis Gashi
Erfan Tahiri


Ersan Berisha
Adrijan Berisha



Jeton Jashari
Ersad Gashi



Veton Shaciri
Bilend Mehmeti



Behar Mehmeti
Bljurim Buzoli
Alji Hajrizi


Every dream has a meaning this one has one too?
Husband comes at home and asking his wife: “where are the boys?”. Which one of them is deaf? He sees that there is no food in home; he is pushing her to go and beg for money.
When she finally collecting some money her two sons are coming and taking away the money that she earned. Her husband is on his way to her, his is not happy what his two sons did. They are playing Sony PlayStation on the corner of street.


On a way to school his father is telling his the differences between the times when he used to go school.



I want to go in the past through my father's eyes. Even he doesn’t agree new the lives that people live today, and the way that the youth have to take their future.



Young boy with his wife running on the field of corn in '99. They are trying to pass the border to search for better life. 2014 this is happen again. I am afraid this might happen again. I might lose my friends again. Is this Journey going to be a happy end or we are travelers through time.


While he is playing his games in PC the electricity is going off. His father is proposing to go out and play friends. He is discovering all different worlds.



Grandfather wants' to teach his grandson how to play football. The young boy doesn’t want to stop where his grandfather did. To become famous football player… And the way to do it is to follow the instructions of his grandfather.


20:50 - 21:00 WALL 10’ - Hungary – 2013
Short Fiction Directed by Simon Szabó  
Bio Born in 1979 Simon Szabó is a well-known actor, director and musician/DJ. He won a prize for best short film at the Hungarian Film Week in 2008 for his film Let’s Roll and in 2009 he took home the Sándor Simó Award for his first feature Paper Planes.

Laci is a 16-year old gypsy boy, who lives off casual jobs. One day, he gets picked up from the streets along with a small group of workers for a construction job. He has to participate in the completion of a wall, that surrounds a series of tenement buildings. The film follows the various stages of the construction as Laci helps out the other workers. In the end, Laci is asked to complete the work. He now takes his first look beyond the wall, which holds an unusual revelation for him.


21:00 - 21:30 LISIÈRES - ON THE EGDE 25’ – France – 2012
Short Fiction Directed by Grégoire Colin  
Bio A very discrete actor and fresh director, Grégoire Colin has had a rich and demanding career, far from the glitter of the media. He was born on July 27, 1975 and went on stage at age 12 in "Hecuba" by Euripides during the Avignon Festival. His particular face means he is chosen for austere and dark roles. He started on the screen in Guy Mouyal’s Le Silence D’ailleurs (1989) and then met Claire Denis in the movie “US Go Home” (1994) followed by Nenette Et Boni (1996), Beau Travail (1999), l’Intrus (2004), 35 Rhum (2008) and Les Salauds (2013). Grégoire Colin continued to visit the big authors with Jacques Rivette’s Secret Defense (1998), Benoît Jacquot’s Sade (2000), Catherine Breillat’s Sex Is Comedy (2002) and Raoul Ruiz’s Le Domaine Perdu (2005).

Tchavo is a young Romanian boy who lives with his aunt in a camp located on a waste ground near a forest. His family is working to recover copper for sale. The men are not here; one evening, when hunting has just started, Tchavo returns to the camp to find that his aunt and all the women have disappeared.
Filmography 2012 - LISIERES 



21:30 - 22:00 Announcement for Cikore Film Winners Ceremony