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An introduction from the Artistic Director, Sami Mustafa

In recent years international media have brought attention to the Gypsy roots (English-Roma) of one of cinema’s greatest icons, Charlie Chaplin. To mark the 100th year anniversary of his first film, the fourth edition of Rolling Film Festival will open with a screening of “The Kid”, Chaplin’s first feature-length film. Regardless of the issues that are faced by Roma communities in every day life, this edition of the festival is inspired by character-driven stories that go beyond the concept of characterizing an individual as “being Roma”. These movies provide us with greater insight in to the personal stories of the people involved on a basic human level.

The categorization of people has become a normalized concept, with many groups being created based on characteristics such as: skin color, race, religion, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic background and so on. Imagine a world in which all of the people looked the same, lived the same way, shared the same culture, came from the same social background and imagined the same thoughts. In this world, could we still call ourselves “human”?

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Cikore Filmja/Short Films: Film Workshops of Rolling Film Festival Have StartedCikore Filmja/Short Films:

Film Workshops of Rolling Film Festival Have Started

The first film workshop called “Cikore Filmja” was organized last week, with the participation of 17 young Roma people from all over Kosovo as part of an initiative taking place alongside Rolling Film Festival since 2011.

More Raça, the Rolling Film Festival Coordinator discussed with the participants methods of filmmaking and visual storytelling with youth while Faton Mustafa has introduced the basics of filmmaking. Raça is a well-known director whose film “AMEL” recently won seven prizes all over the world in addition to two special mentions, while Faton is an independent filmmaker who has collaborated with Balkan Sunflowers and Romawood on many film projects.

Sefer Bejzak, one of the participants, said that he is very happy to be offered such an opportunity to learn the basics of how to make a good short movie, especially when it comes to transmitting a social message. Ersan Berisha, also a participant, says that after the lectures he had in this workshop he is would like to try directing a movie too.

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